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About Us

A customer’s decision to be loyal or to defect is instead the sum of many small encounters with your company.”

Thomas A. Stewart, Fortune Magazine, July 21, 1997

The transportation of your final product should in no way detract from the experience you have created for your customer. It is our job to add value by providing flawless service.

Long before we were a company, back when our operation consisted of the one truck and trailer we owned and operated, keeping our word was our guiding principle. That philosophy is manifested in promises not hastily made, but rigorously kept, and as a daily, practicle matter shows up by our being where we are supposed to be when we promise to be there. This is particularly important to customers who are scheduling cranes or coordinating truck transportation with the arrival of boats or dredges.

Problem solving is our specialty.

We have served the Mobile, Alabama area as an agent for Horizon Freight System since 1993. Horizon has been an exemplary partner, providing operating authorities and cargo insurance, as well as invoicing customers and compensating owner-operators. Because Horizon is a U.S. Customs bonded company, we are able to move bonded shipments.

Wonderland Express owns a large fleet of flatbed and specialty trailers.

We will make sure that moving your
freight is the least of your worries.

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