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Transport Services

Boat Transport

Moving over-dimensional boats with our fleet of twenty specialty trailers. From storm-damaged boats left in difficult-to-load places to boats newly manufactured and needing to look that way when they’re delivered, we have done it all. Dry-docked boats weighing 25,000# or less can be loaded without a crane.

Tanks & Pipe

Pole Trailers, Double Drops, Custom-built tank trailers and custom-built stanchions are available for movement of your tanks, pipe, and similar items.

Machinery & Equipment

We have a wide variety of equipment including a roll back and a double drop extendable with removable gooseneck.

Flatbed & Plant Moves

Wonderland Express has a large fleet of flatbed and specialty trailers. We are able to spot trailers for customers who need to move a lot of freight in short amount of time.

Intermodal Transportation

Horizon Freight System is an intermodal transportation industry leader. Established in 1983, they now operate over 35 terminals and over 625 vehicles nationwide. We are able to respond rapidly to a customer’s changing needs because of the partnerships Horizon has established with railroads, steamship companies, shippers, and third-party intermodal transportation providers.

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